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Welcome to the Penn Kidder Campus!

Thank you for visiting the Penn-Kidder Campus. At the Penn-Kidder Campus we serve grades Kindergarten through Eighth Grade, house several intermediate unit classrooms and a pre-kindergarten program. We provide our students excellent instruction throughout the day. We also provide after-school programs that include academic tutoring, enrichment activities and sports. Our students are engaged in stimulating instruction and learning opportunities to help them develop socially, academically, and emotionally.

We provide a secure, safe climate that ensures lifelong learners in our global community. Our instruction is guided by state and district standards while at the same time allowing our staff the freedom to teach relevant topics to our students. Our assessments are ongoing and supported by district-provided testing materials that gauge what is being taught in the classrooms. Our core belief is that "All Children Can and Will Learn."  Through the district's Project OLE one-to-one initiative, students in grades K-6 are assigned iPads, while students in grades 7-8 are assigned a MacBook Air.

Our staff has established learning goals for the year and consistently collaborate to improve and guide the instruction of our children. We provide a nurturing, warm place that strives to make our school family oriented and a friendly place to be. We are a community committed to cultivating peace. We teach all of our students to be socially responsible and to attain excellence by engaging them in a world-class multicultural education.

Some of our Outstanding Accomplishments:

  • Met PDE Adequate Yearly Progress for five consecutive years

  • Received Recipient of Recognition Banner from PAPBS (PA Positive Behaviors Supports), Fidelity of Implementation, at the Universal Level for four consecutive years.

  • Selected as a Positive School Model Site for 14-15 School year

  • We have an 85% success rate on the Keystone Algebra 1 Exam

Our staff looks forward to partnering with every family to develop and guide a successful educational journey for each student. 

School Office Hours

School Year Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00AM-4:00PM

Summer Hours: Monday-Thursday: 8:00AM - 3:00PM

Announcements: Please see the Daily Bulletin for the latest news and announcements.

School Year Schedule & Information

Please adhere to the following information to ensure a safe and supportive environment for all. 


  • Parent/Bus Drop Off: 8:10AM

  • Breakfast:  8:10AM-8:25AM 

  • All students should be in the building by 8:30AM.

  • Student Day:  8:35AM-3:35PM

    • Classes Begin:  8:35AM

  • Parent Pick-up:  3:10PM 

  • Bus departure:  3:35PM 

It is important that ALL pupils, K-8, attend school regularly and be at the bus stop on time. After 8:30AM students will be recorded as tardy. After 3 unexcused lates/tardies, parents will be notified via disciplinary referral. Following every 3 additional lates/tardies the student will be issued an after-school detention.

Student Drop off

The legal speed limit in a school zone is 15MPH.

The procedure for student drop-off is to stay in line and pull up to the designated drop and go area. Drop your children off and continue in a horseshoe turn and leave by staying in line.

Do not block the driving lanes in the rear of the building.

We ask parents to help safely expedite student arrival by preparing you child/children to leave the vehicle as soon as you stop in the drop and go area. Say your goodbyes and give your kisses and hugs before leaving home. Do not linger in the Student Drop-Off area. Lingering is not fair to those parents who work a great distance from the school.

Do not cut others off or make a short turn to beat others out of the area.

The safety of all is our main concern!

If you chose to violate this regulation and an accident occurs, you will be held accountable. If a child is injured due to your lack of patience, you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Students should NOT be dropped off before 8:10 AM.

If your child arrives late for school, you must bring the child to the office to sign in and obtain a late pass.

Bus Arrival

Buses will be dropping students off in the front of the building. Breakfast students will leave the bus and go to breakfast upon their arrival. All bus students are considered on time when they arrive on their scheduled bus.

Student Dismissal

Please arrive at 3:10PM and wait in line and in your vehicle until students are dismissed.  When parents arrive too early, instruction is disturbed.  If you have smaller children, please keep them near you.  We cannot permit parents or other children on the playground without a visitor’s pass during school hours.  The school uses PickUp Patrol to manage the parent pickup process..
Please plan changes in routine with your child before the school day begins.  If an emergency occurs during the day, please notify the office as soon as possible. When parents/guardians show up at the end of the day without notice, it compromises our ability to keep close count of the students.
The office is busy at the end of the day; please do not call with messages for students after 3:00PM.