Guidance Office

School Counselors

Mr. Matthew Shaffer

 Mrs. Jodi Damian

Grades K-3           

Grades 4-8

Roles & Responsibilities of the School Counselor

School Counselors are available to help your child have a successful school year.  Mr. Shaffer, Counselor for Grades K-3, and Mrs. Damian, Counselor for Grades 4-8, work with students, parents and teachers in many different ways to help students learn and develop to their highest potential. 

School counselors:

  • Counsel students individually

  • Conduct small group counseling

  • Teach classroom guidance lessons

  • Consult with parents and teachers

  • Provide referrals for community and other school services 

  • Maintain student academic records

Classroom Guidance

All students in grades Kindergarten through sixth grade participate in classroom guidance lessons.  Mr. Shaffer is responsible for guidance lessons in grades K-3, while Mrs. Damian is responsible for guidance lessons in grades 4-6.

  • Lessons occur in the student's classroom about twice a month.

  • Lessons are geared toward the developmental level of the class.

Topics covered may include:

  • Understanding and dealing with feelings

  • Getting along with others

  • Character development

  • Career awareness

  • Study skills

  • Decision making

  • Self-esteem

We are available to help your child have a successful school year.  Please contact us if you have any concerns about your child including:

  • classroom performance

  • unusual or changed behavior

  • family changes such as divorce, death, moving, home stress

  • peer relationships

Student Registration

Students moving into the Jim Thorpe Area School District and transferring into the L. B. Morris School must first register at the District Office.  Please refer to the Student Registration section of the district website for complete instructions.

Please understand that no student can be admitted until the registration process is completed in the District Office and reviewed by the school personnel.  The parent will be contacted by the school counselor to arrange a starting date.

If you are considering locating to the District and will be living in the areas covered by the L. B. Morris School please call for a tour.